Be nice and look like ice

Ok, let me just state the obvious here and get it out of the way- I am NOT Bill Cunningham! Nor am I trying to be Bill Cunningham. He is amazing! I do think I am pretty amazing, just like any normal narcissistic human being does about oneself in secret, but that’s different.


Bill is a living legend. Bill’s got a major street cred and a stamp of approval from Anna Wintour herself!

Have you seen the man at work? He is fearless! He is fierce (as Tyra Banks and Christian Siriano would probably exclaim, although Christian Siriano moved on to other catch words, I still love him for his Fierceness, and to this day he is one of my favorite designers from the Project Runway time) Bill Cunningham is like a preying cheetah- with lithe movements he follows his fashionable prey (the object of his interest- a stylish woman or a man dressed in something that catches his fashion-keen eye), and unapologetically starts snapping photos. The man is a street fashion pioneer and a genius! If you haven’t seen a documentary about Bill- go see it right now, it’s a must!

I, in the self-depricating words of John Stewart of the Daily Show, “am nothing but fear.” First of all, I am scared to inconvenience people. Well, no- that’s not entirely true. First of all I am scared of rejection. What if the person objects to me taking a picture of them or their attire? That would be the most painful. Some artistic people or people from other cultures might be either too protective, scared and or shy to have their photo taken, or it could go against their beliefs, or they could just act snobby, or there could be millions of other reasons.

I wish I was the type who could just maintain the cold-blooded bitchy attitude and not care about the objections coming from the objects of my interest. Alas, I either try to take a photo secretly, with shaky hands, not following through if it doesn’t come out right (I am the biggest wuss ever!) or… I actually started asking people if I could take their photo. The response has been pretty positive so far! People actually love to have a photo of them taken, although it’s a little awkward at first, and they get a little shy, but then their inner models come out- and I love it! Although I also love to capture people in the moment.

I would love to be a street fashion photographer. I really would! I even have a “Street Fashion Affair” board on Pinterest. I think I have a good eye for the funky, fun, new fashions, and I am (camera) trigger-happy! I would love to have “street fashion photographer” as a part-time job. Still, I would choose to be a Fashion Designer over the Fashion photographer, but I digress.Check out dideliu dydziu sukneles

Anyways, here are some of my better street fashion photography catches. They are few, but it’s just the beginning. I hope that with time and experience, I get better at catching the moment, and I truly hope that I will overcome my fear and will actually become convincing to people.Also this might help : stilingi ir madingi drabuziai

Please enjoy some of my recent street fashion photos! Let me know what you think or if you have any pointers, advice or street fashion sources- write to me in the comments below!